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Evolution of the social network of scientific collaborationsBarabasi, AL; Jeong, H; Neda, Z; Ravasz, E; Schubert, A; Vicsek, TPhysica A: Statistical mechanics and its applications 311(3), 590-61420021851864
Citation indexes for science. A new dimension in documentation through association of ideasGarfield, EScience 122(3159), 108-11119551783747
What is research collaboration?Katz, JS; Martin, BRResearch Policy 26(1), 1-1819971591604
Handbook of quantitative studies of science and technologyvan Raan, AFJ (ed.)North-Holland19881510492
The history and meaning of the journal impact factorGarfield, EAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association 295(1), 90-9320061487754
The increasing linkage between US technology and public scienceNarin, F; Hamilton, KS; Olivastro, DResearch Policy 26(3), 317-33019971211416
A general theory of bibliometric and other cumulative advantage processesde Solla Price, DJJournal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 27(5 ), 292–30619761148533
Statistical bibliography or bibliometrics?Pritchard, AJournal of Documentation 25(4), 348-349.19691134303
Theory and practise of the g-indexEgghe, LScientometrics 69(1), 131-15220061113481
The Web of knowledge: a Festschrift in honor of Eugene GarfieldGarfield, E.;Cronin, B. ; Atkins, HB. (ed).Information Today20001102351
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