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Comparing regional innovative capacities of PR China based on data analysis of the national patentsGuan, JC; Liu, SZInternational Journal of Technology Management 32(3-4), 225-24520057420
Complex networks and the web: Insights from nonlinear physicsScharnhorst, AJournal of Computer‐Mediated Communication 8(4), 0-020037416
Exploring the academic invisible webLewandowski, D; Mayr, PLibrary Hi Tech 24(4), 529-53920067411
Co-citation, bibliographic coupling and a characterization of lattice citation networksEgghe, L; Rousseau, RScientometrics 55(3), 349-36120027337
Journal diffusion factors: a new approach to measuring research influenceRowlands, IAslib Proceedings 54(2), 77-8420027334
Citation analysis using scientific publications on the Web as data source: A case study in the XML research areaZhao, DZ; Logan, EScientometrics 54(3), 449-47220027331
Communication Among Scientists and EngineersCarnot, EN.; Pollack,D. (ed.)Lexington197072-
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